The gas heater did not turn on

With the cold front here now, I went to turn the heat on and nothing happened.  Luckily, I had some portable heating systems that I sited around the house. The kids had to double up, though.  I legitimately don’t want the youngest kids using their own portable heater. That could be a disaster. I looked at our Heating and Air Conditioning system, however I don’t see anything wrong.  I have always been great about increasing the air filter out and the control device is lit up with power. I have no plan what could be keeping the heat from coming on, so I searched the internet for some clues.  I got a good deal of Heating and Air Conditioning supplier links to look at, almost too many. The Heating and Air Conditioning companies all mention the need for a heating system tune-up. That tune-up is especially needed if the heating system has been used over the years and has not been maintained by a licensed Heating and Air Conditioning provider.  I thought that this was just a way to get money out of homeowners to get their heating on. However, then I learn many scary stories about malfunctioning heating systems. I did not prefer what I learn and I want our heating system to heat our lake beach house efficiently and safely. So I found a local Heating and Air Conditioning supplier that even offered coupons, and I called that heating supplier for an appointment.  Because of the cold weather, the Heating and Air Conditioning provider cannot come right out and service our heating system tomorrow. However, they did promise to be out in just a couple of nights to repair our heating system. Until then, the portable heating systems will remain in use.

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