Cold dinner and heating

My husband and I are legitimately nice at saving money. The two of us think how to save legitimately well and not waste our money on things that don’t matter. However, we do make a single exception to this rule and that is eating out. The two of us both can’t cook at all and our study room is legitimately small so the smell of anything we cook lingers for hours or even mornings after we are done. I don’t want my apartment to consistently smell like food, so we eat out a lot. The two of us like to try odd restaurants around town, but we are regulars at a couple of sites. My preferred locale to go is a little pizza locale down the road from our house. The two of us try to go there as often as possible because it is pretty cost effective. However, the modern pizza locale is under modern management and they keep the air conditioner is always blasting freezing cold air. I asked if the hostess would mind if we had the air conditioner turned down, however he said it wouldn’t be possible. The modern management doesn’t want the restaurant to get warm because of the pizza oven. I guess I understand where they are coming from, although I don’t want to eat dinner and freeze at the same time! The two of us are going to have to find a modern locale to eat pizza because we don’t want to be shivering cold the whole time we are eating. I hope our preferred hostess doesn’t miss us too much!

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