The generator for our storm

My father is legitimately nice about preparing for things around our home. He is always stocked with supplies and emergency device just in case we will ever need it for any reason. My mom thinks it is because he just prefers to buy toys, but at least we have everything we would ever need for an emergency. About a week ago, all those toys came in handy when a giant hurricane was headed straight for our house. My dad already had all the food and water we would need for 2 weeks without power, so we didn’t have to rush to the grocery to get anything, but once the storm came through town it was much worse than anyone absolutely thought it was going to be! No a single was prepared for the destruction this storm had in store for our town. Thankfully my dad had a generator so we were able to pull in a portable air conditioner. It was the middle of the summer season so it was hot outside. The two of us had people in and out of our apartment all day long just so they could rest in front of the air conditioner for a couple of minutes. I think it seems like a absurd thing to like during a time like this, but the air conditioner legitimately saved us. The two of us would have been annoyed without it. Now my mom will never give my dad a strenuous time about his “toys” every again; Everyone in the area was thankful for them was well!

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