Avoiding the winter and heating

With wintertide here to stay, homeowners know that high utility bills surely will follow. However, there are mistakes to avoid while heating your home during the coldest months of the year. First of all, many people turn the control component up to the 80s when first coming home to a freezing house, assuming that the furnace will warm the house faster. Unfortunately, control units don’t work like an accelerator on a car, so avoid that mistake and save on energy consumption. Conversely, turning the control component down while you’re away from the beach house or during sleeping hours saves money because the furnace is running less. Heating and A/C specialists recommend that you run the furnace in the mid to upper 60s during these hours. Another common mistake that affects the even flow of heated air throughout a room is when something is blocking the air vents. Common culprits include sofas, chairs, carpeted rugs, and ottomans. Regularly changing the air filters on your furnace might be a hassle to do every month, but the efficiency at which your furnace runs, not to mention the cost savings on your utility bill, is quite significant. Does your house have any drafts? It could be that you need more insulation in your walls or your doors and windows need weatherstripping. If there’s freezing air coming in, your furnace is going to be overworked as it tries to compete with the continual inflow of freezing air from the outside. And it’s not just the temperature of the air that will be noticeable, the air inside will maintain the humidity better as well. Finally, keeping the furnace consistently maintained by a heating and A/C professional ensures many months and years of energy and cost efficiency to come.

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