Moving and a/c

When my brother asked if I could help him move, he made it seem as though the process was going to be straight-forward and almost effortless. I can say for sure that it was certainly the opposite of effortless! The thing that bothered myself and others the most was the fact that the electricity in his house was already shut off! He didn’t even let anyone know about that when he asked myself and others to help him. So that meant that the temperature control couldn’t be used, and that left me feeling absolutely miserable. The air quality in the beach house was already terrible too, as it was incredibly humid and it was way too overheated! I asked if he was worried about the humidity causing damage to his stuff, and he agreed that he was a little concerned – however, that’s why he wanted to transport everything out as abruptly as possible! The nice news was that he already had everything packed in boxes. All of us just had to transport everything into the moving truck! I was at least thankful that the temperature control system in the moving truck was working, as I had to take little breaks here and there to just relax in the truck with the A/C running for short periods of time. On the way to his new house, I dared to ask my brother if the electricity was on at the new place. He said it entirely wasn’t – shocker, right? I was just all the more disappointed in hearing that. I enjoyed the A/C on the ride over while I could, and then stepped into his overheated new house with all his boxes. All of us finished the job as quick as both of us could, and after that I was on my way out via cab to my house. I asked the cab driver to crank the A/C up the whole way home – I’m glad he obliged!

heating and air conditioning

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