High goals

My husband and I have parties all the time for our friends and family. We are known for having the best of the best when it comes to celebrations and we happily wear this badge of honor. I sometimes think that there were never parties as fun as the ones we throw since moving in twenty years ago and that after we are gone, perhaps there never will be again? I know this seems a bit ambitious, but what’s the point of life without setting standards for yourself? We almost had a disaster last week when we were throwing one of our more wild parties. We knew we would have a large amount of people show up so we had to stock up on a variety of different beverages for everyone. Buying several refrigerators seemed silly and less than cost efficient, so we had the idea to store the beverages in a small side room off of the basement and turn the air conditioning all the way up to cool them down. This seemed fine, until the air conditioning unit stopped working and began to blow out warm air instead of cool! Immediately, we called our HVAC repair company and they dispatched a specialist to service the unit. While waiting, I turned the thermostat off and kept doing my best to entertain the crowd! Luckily, it wasn’t long before he showed up and quickly got to work on fixing the air conditioning. As a thank you, I made sure to serve him a delicious meal before he left.

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