Natural gas heater

My wife and I had wanted to build a home in the area in which we grew up.  We knew we had to make some choices and some of them were going to be more difficult than others.  Our biggest concern at the moment, was what kind of heating we wanted. We knew that eventually we wanted to have radiant heating, so that was at the top of our list.  I had grown up with central heating and air conditioning and our house was total electric. My wife had grown up in a home that a fireplace and they used window air conditioners.  We sat down and went over everything that we wanted from our HVAC system. We knew we wanted a system that was energy efficient. We wanted it to be safe for the environment, and we wanted it be efficient in it heating and air conditioning.  When we talked to the HVAC contractor, we gave him all of our thoughts. He suggested we went with a ductless HVAC system. There was no ductwork, and we would have a boiler instead of a regular furnace. I liked that idea. He said that the boiler was the option he would choose if we wanted to have radiant heating.  He also suggested that we should put the radiant heat in during the building, because then we wouldn’t need to rip the floors back out, later. He suggested gas to be our means of heating the water. I had heard a lot of negatives about using gas, but I was hoping he knew more than I did. I was thinking more along the lines of using electricity for the ignition.

HVAC system

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