the thermostats are all gone

After the old office building shut down, we all thought it was going to turn into one more eyesore in our neighborhood.  About a year later, we noticed that there was a flurry of renovation going on inside and outside of the building. Two years later, most of the small business owners were invited to a grand reopening of the building.  They sent out flyers announcing the apartments that were available. There was shop space available for small business owners. There was also a floor that was set aside for office space for doctors, lawyers and other businesses.  It seemed to be a one-stop shopping experience. One of the big things that I noticed with the new complex, was that there weren’t any thermostats in the rooms. I thought this seemed really odd, but I thought maybe the thermostats were just cleverly concealed.  I talked to one of the people who was there, and he explained that there were no thermostat. There were sensors in the ceiling that monitored the temperature, humidity levels, and the air quality. They sent data back to the integrated, automated HVAC system. The system would automatically tell the HVAC  unit what needed to be done to rectify the problem in that area. There were a couple of technicians that were always available in the event of a power outage, or a problem that may arise. However, the HVAC system was nearly fail proof, and it was made to last for years. I still couldn’t get over the no thermostat part.  I liked that idea and wondered if I could do that in my house. My kids wouldn’t have thermostats to play with.

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