Green HVAC technology

I always thought of the color green as being a symbol for go.  Now I think of green when I think of being eco-friendly and of the industrialists that are trying to rush to beat the next company with having the greenest of all HVAC equipment.  The race is on to save the environment. A lot of the industrialists are really trying to find new HVAC methods that are more environmentally friendly. The leading industrial countries are moving forward in this race.  Their biggest hurdle is that many countries have different levels of strictness when it comes to the regulations for the greenhouse emissions. The United States happens to have one of the strictest greenhouse emissions regulatory systems, in the world.  There is a need to find heating and air conditioning that is not just environmentally friendly, but that is also energy efficient, affordable and has good longevity. The US seems to be falling behind in this race. They have forgotten that green doesn’t just stand for environmental, but it also stands for go.  If we aren’t careful, the other industrial minded companies will be moving far ahead in the race for HVAC safety standards. I, for one, feel no compunction toward buying something that is not stamped with the ‘Made in the USA’ label, especially if that item meets the same strict safety standards and is more affordable.  My main objective is to have comfortable heating and air conditioning for my family, while being able to afford to have that comfort. When I am also able to save on greenhouse emissions while saving money, I don’t care who makes the HVAC.

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