Safety hazards and HVAC

Last week, I had to call my HVAC company.  I couldn’t remember when the last time was that I had them come in and do a maintenance check on my furnace.  I also wanted to have them do a cleaning and sanitizing of my ductwork and the air ducts. When they set up a time, I asked if they could do a safety check of my home, and maybe check for air leaks and insulation.  It had been years since I had done any of this, because I had thrown the last ten years of my life into my work and my child. Being a single mom was difficult. I had a lot of responsibility on my plate. Now, my daughter had gone to college.  I was feeling sad and lost and I needed something to fill my nights. I decided to do some heavy cleaning in my house. It was then that I realized how badly neglected my house had become and how neglected my HVAC system had become. I was appalled to see all of the papers and junk that had piled up beside my furnace.  How could all of these fire hazards become without my not noticing? I was moving papers and even discarded clothing, that had been pushed up against the furnace. That’s when I realized how long it had been since I had the HVAC company come in and do a good maintenance check on it. I am finally getting back to being me, and it is a good feeling, even if I am still a bit lonely.

HVAC service plan

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