The heating and air technician

I always knew that I wanted to be a pro HVAC dealer. When I was a small child, I watched my dad work all day and night on oil furnaces and undefineds. My dad worked for a propane dealer, and they did many delicate repairs on oil furnaces and undefineds as well. I was intrigued by these easy machines at the shop. I watched my Dad take them apart and put them back together. When I first applied to HVAC trade university, a lot of people looked at myself and others strangely as I walked through the doors. They didn’t have a lot of female applicants, and I was 1 of the first ever! Getting through HVAC trade university was difficult, because I constantly had to figure out a way to compete to prove myself. A lot of the men were unhappy to see a woman hanging around in their trade, and they made the information well-known. It took some time, for sure, before I  received any respect from those guys. There were a few weeks, when I definitely thought about quitting. Still, I persevered to obtain my license. I finished HVAC trade university about 4 years ago, and I have been now working full-time. I honestly enjoy undefined AC replacements the most. My replacement team is honestly quick. All of us can actually finish more than two replacements over the weekend. Most other major HVAC replacement teams can complete 1 or 2. A few things have changed a little since then, since I went to trade university, then our supplier has several HVAC dealers who are female. I’m glad the times are changing.

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