Getting the furnace welded

My partner and I have been married for 50 years, and every one of us make a fantastic team. All of us have birthed more than two children and 10 grandchildren. My partner and I have been happily living in the same house for most of that time. All of us bought our house, when our first born child was just a baby. My partner and I were now working full-time, and every one of us actually could only afford something small. Over the years, every one of us have built several much larger additions to our home; Now the small bungalow is 2 stories with several living rooms inside. I have always been absolutely handy, when it comes to cabin repairs and construction fees. When the oil gas furnace had a leak, the HVAC supplier wanted to charge more than $1,000 to weld the repair. I thought this was an absurd amount of money, considering in my opinion the leak was minute. I had a welding kit at home, and felt I could repair the crack in an afternoon on my own. The HVAC supplier recommended not completing the work on my own without a professional. Even though it was not illegal for myself and others to work on the oil gas furnace, still the HVAC supplier strongly commanded against it. I waited until the weekend to happily work on the oil gas furnace. I study a lot of online materials through the week, so I could entirely be sure of the process. It took all afternoon to complete the oil gas furnace repair, although I most certainly didn’t spend $1,000. I hope the repair will hold. My partner and I are going to retire from work very soon, and every one of us will genuinely sell the house. It does not make much sense at all for us to pay thousands of dollars for a new oil gas furnace, when every one of us soon will be vacating the house in a few years.

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