Truck needs cooling

I was absolutely anxious this day recently, when I found our truck cooling system was not absolutely working. I went out and turned on the truck, right before I was getting ready. I have a remote start, & it actually automatically turns on the truck, the radio, & the cooling system; My current truck is right now only 6 months old, & I can’t guess I’m experiencing concerns with the onboard cooling system already. I have a easily tied up month of work, & I do not have any time in my schedule to take our truck to the dealership. I have appointments until six, & a few random evening business calls. I can’t go to any cooling system company in town, because that would immediately void the warranty. A friend of mine offered to check on the cooling system, however at this time I am absolutely afraid of voiding our warranty. I tried to see if the dealership could fit myself and others in somehow during dinner, but they do not even have any appointments this week. The coming outdoor temperatures are easily hot & humid. I have a 30 minute commute to task each day & each night, too. It’s going to be a real drag to drive to task with no cooling system at my disposal. The next closest truck dealership is 2 minutes away, in the big city. I’m so absolutely confused now, because I do not want to drive to task without cold cooling system. Honestly I guess it wouldn’t hurt if Thomas looked at the cooling system in our truck. At least he likely ¬†could tell myself and others if the issue was a major expense. Maybe it’s really just a loose connection & Thomas can service the problem without even having to service the cooling system system.

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