AC on vacation

My extended family and I were totally happy for our summertime trip! We planned to take a trip to the sun state. We were going to all relax on the beaches and soak up the sun. I rented a couple of kayaks, so both of us could cruise around the bay as a family together. Everything was going quite perfectly, when both of us arrived to the beach. There was a bit of rip current, but conditions were otherwise clear and quite sunny! By our fifth day of trip, the weather was windy and raining, but then a tropical storm was blowing off the coast and heading for our direction. We never thought about hurricanes or tropical storm weather… Since the storms can rise up hastily, both of us were taken entirely by surprise. We could not fly home, because the airports were already halting flights. We had to hunt for shelter in the hotel. We faired well, until the winds got entirely bad. We lost all local power and a/c while both of us were in the middle of the night. It was bad and entirely one of the scariest moments of our life. The hot and cold temperatures outside were still too humid and entirely hot, but both of us did not have any a/c or electricity. The kids always complained whined and cried. They wanted to go beach house and I could not blame them. I wanted to return home, too. The conditions were uncomfortable without a/c and electricity. We were spared from any significant flooding, but the city had bad storm mangle from wind. We went without cooling or a/c for a few hours, but the power was hastily restored. I won’t forget that experience for a rather long time, however our kids have never seen the mangle that these storms can have.

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