Islands and air conditioning

Every year in the dead heat of summertime, our business has its business retreat. The event is usually over a longer weekend, with Thursday and Sunday off work! For our business retreat this summertime, the business had decided to fly pretty much everyone to the island. I was absolutely happy to get away from the office for a whole week. The business does allow us to bring our spouse with us as well. My spouse was rather happy to travel to the islands. She would spend the day snorkeling, during my meetings. We left early on a Thursday, and arrived to the islands around lunch time. We checked into our hotel suite, which was a dilapidated, run-down building. Most of the section buildings looked about the same. Inside the hotel, things looked much the same. The hotel appeared to be well worn and aged, with old fixtures and appliances. Our hotel room was equipped with an ancient air conditioner, but it sounded love both of us were still in the airplane. Every time our spouse would turn on the air conditioner, the whole wall began to shake. It was impossible to prefer any of our time, without using the air conditioner. We were stuck listening to that bad air conditioning our entire weekend. A few of our business colleagues complained about their amenities also. Everything in the section was old and rundown, but the food and drinks were amazing. The people there were friendly and helpful, and both of us were well standard and liked everywhere that both of us went. At the end of our retreat, the business owner let us in on a sizable secret. He was planning to buy the hotel and make sizable renovations for the future.

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