Portable space heaters


                   Have you ever taken a  look in the mirror and taken an full inventory of what is going on with yourself? Maybe put everything into focus and think deeply about your life journey so far – the things you do and don’t like? Let me say, that as of this morning I do not like the woman that I’ve become. I never thought that I would give up my values so quickly or stoop to such a low level, however alas, here we are. That’s right, I’m saying that this morning I broke down and bought our cat her own jacket.

                . I’m not Happy and I wish I didn’t have to talk about it, but my counselor thinks it’s better for me to stop avoiding my problems. That’s why I’m confessing now to the yespy idiot I’ve become. Never before had I anticipated purchasing warm cat jackets for myself or any of my friends. I’ve scoffed at the premise of clothing our creatures, especially since I refuse to own any cat smaller than 40 lbs; However, I had to change my opinion this past week, after the temperature dipped down into the mid-thirties and my old cat began shivering non-stop. No matter how high I’ve been running the furnace at home, in the car, and at work, the old girl is continually giving me the sad ASPCA face…

                What’s more distressing is when she buries her cold little nose into her belly for warmth. It kills me. After a brief stint of attempting to set up portable space heating systems in her direction and her almost burning the apartment down when she knocked the heating systems over, I decided I had no choice. I had to buy her a jacket. I’m incredibly embarrassed by  this, however at least she looks confident and comfortable.


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