The thermostat makes me lazier

 I believe our new world’s most current inventions might be actually working against us. I mean, we’re all a bit anxious about the lasting effects of using the internet so often, and these days almost everyone is reconsidering social media plus our obsessions with oversharing on the web. To take things a step further, there’s now a major push for people to spend less time staring at their cell phone screens, since we don’t know how that might affect a an adult brain. I would wager that all of these modern inventions are harmful to our health. I would also throw another high tech gadget into that category – smart temperature controls.

                 These current air temperature control systems are programmed to be highly efficient plus convenient for consumers. The smart temperature control connects to your WIFI plus lets you control the air temperature plus air quality from your personal iPad or smart cellphone, from anywhere! It’s a fine idea, plus theoretically, should reduce your energy bills every single week… However, our smart temperature control also reduces our energy use every day.    I’ve realized that the usefulness of my smart temperature control enables my depression;

               When I’m sitting in bed all morning plus can’t seem to get up, my smart temperature control gives me one more reason to stay put. Instead of having to change the air temperature in the hallway when I get too hot under my pile of blankets, I can actually use my cellphone plus command the temperature control to chill out. It’s not the Heating plus Air Conditioning system’s fault that I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Still, I might be more motivated to go out plus fight my depression if the smart temperature control didn’t bend over backwards to make me comfortable.

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