Taking HVAC for granted

A working oil furnace is a convenience that we take for granted.  It really is something that we are so used to, we do not know much about it.  Nowadays, a Heating and A/C device is your everyday equipment. Heating, ventilation and a/c has impacted our lives to a giant degree, however we rarely know about it.  Mostly because we have all become so used to heating and cooling that we take Heating and A/C for granted entirely. I am sure that changes, when the A/C device will not come on or you wake up in the middle of a wintry night, realizing that your oil furnace has failed you.  Now do not get me wrong, I am totally one of you. Happy in my heated and air conditioned household. But how would I know if that Heating and A/C device was not so accessible? Like in days of our grandparents, thoughts similar to that are why I keep up with my preventive Heating and A/C service.  I never let a month go by that I am not replacing our A/C filter, Summer or winter. I have our Heating and A/C device tune-up every 6 months, just like clockwork and I have our fireplace regularly evaluated by a chimney sweep every fall season. I remember the stories that my grandmother told myself and others about when she was a little girl.  They used their fireplace to heat both their household and their dinner, all in a single room. I may not be from that particular era, but I certainly know a bargain when I see one. My Heating and A/C device provider takes good care of myself and others and our heating and cooling system. With our Heating and A/C service plan, our heating and cooling device will continue working well until I eventually become a Grandfather!

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