Making the company work

When I was building our website, I did a lot of advertising on facebook plus twitter.  I saw a little bit of traffic, but not nearly as much as I was hoping for. I didn’t get a single sale from any of the clicks plus I gained genuinely few people who were interested in joining our mailing list.  I had to dig deep to discover what I was doing wrong. Facebook is now offering various types of advertising plus it is based on a pay-per-click advertisement. I’ve gained thousands of clicks, but only .5% of those people have actually interacted with our website.  This is incredibly sad news for me. When my child started her Heating plus A/C device business, she was also advertising on facebook as well as twitter. She figured that if she could let all of the ‘friends’ know, then she could get some Heating plus A/C business from all of them.  She was seriously wrong. I have learned that facebook plus twitter are now attempting to optimize their advertising so they can utilize targeted traffic to help their followers out. However, it is sketchy plus far from what is actually required. The traffic that is gained is still coming mainly from search engines.  There is a better ROI (Return on Interest) when the leads actually come from search engines. My child needs to do a lot of rethinking plus get himself on the search engines. Although it might cost a bit more, her Heating plus A/C supplier will see up-to-date growth over time. As they say, you need to spend cash to make cash.  This is fantastic if you aren’t spending more than you are earning.

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