They were not kidding with that

I seriously can’t believe my buddies had the nerve to call me delicate. Me, of all people, I used to be the strongest one of us all! Then a few years back, for whatever reason, I started losing a ton of weight. Then came the infamous picnic where every one of us played flag pigskin in addition to I ended up shattering my leg. I barely even fell, in addition to my leg went all topsy turvy on me. Since then they all call me Mister Glass, sort of like the guy from the horror films. The truth is that deep down I really know they are right, I am getting especially delicate, I just don’t get why. I have to run the temperature controls something like a madman to keep my torn leg from acting up. It has healed up well enough, in addition to I can even run on it with no serious problems, but the old injury still acts up if the cooling gets a bit out of control. In the deep dark days of Winter I need to keep a gas furnace running, in addition to near my leg, 24/7 or it starts to ache in addition to throb sort of like it just broke. The summers are quite a bit better, because easily the only time my leg acts up is when I have the A/C device set too cold. The problem is that my leg seems to operate from a whole different thermostat than the rest of my body. My body can be covered in sweat buckets in addition to crying out for some cooling relief, but if I turn the a/c device down too low then my leg starts to throbbing really bad all over again.

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