The heat is climbing

The locale where I work at has a really interesting HVAC system; and do not get me wrong, the heating plus cooling works good in the locale where I work, but however, it makes the most bizarre noises when it goes on plus off.  And it does not matter which time of the year it is, or if every one of us are using the heating or the cooling, it just makes really bizarre noises. And my coworkers and I all call it the swing plus sway HVAC unit! Why do every one of us call it that you may ask? Well, because the noise plus the rhythm almost sounds as if it is a swing song rhythm from the 1940’s era! You want to almost start humming or singing your own song over the swing plus sway HVAC unit. It is quite comical to be totally honest! But, to be serious, the heating plus cooling setup in our office building is one of the best, if not maybe the strongest in the entire city. It is one of the only industrial central heating plus cooling units that is in a commercial building here in the northwest area of the United States of America. The heating works just right with the temperature plus so does the air conditioning system when it is in use. The HVAC here works better than the one I have in my home, of which I absolutely spent a ton of money on getting the latest machine in HVAC technology for my home. It is nice for the cozy home that my apartment is, but it is not even on the level of the one at the building in which I work at! I like my company!

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