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When it is time to show my wifey just how much I appreciate her, or to say happy birthday, I constantly visit my local flower shop… Here in my town, our local shop is called the beautiful bouquet shop, and so I always go there to get my wifey a nice bouquet of flowers when I want to express my love, or when it is her birthday or our anniversary.  Everytime I walk into this place, the air quality is so nice and fresh. It is unlike any indoor air I have ever experienced before in my life. I finally decided to ask the worker behind the counter in there what they used to get that fresh smell, as well as nice overall air quality… The man told me it was a special heating and A/C plan they had installed which can cover either your basic heating as well as cooling need, as well as act as an air purifier and cleaner, along with a dehumidifier.  All of this is connected via ductwork to the the heating and A/C air vents in the shop making a appealing form of air quality to keep the flowers fresh as well as smelling good. The worker also told me it is a way to keep the potential customers in the shop a lot longer so they may buy something if they are just browsing around. I never realised that an air cleaner, or even general heating as well as cooling could entirely be used as a sales tactic. It’s almost like magic if you ask me! But, one thing I will say for sure is, that is one incredibly smart way to keep the flowers so nice as well as fresh smelling. My wifey is constantly over the moon with what I get her here. And the bouquet shop is constantly my go-to shop to say “I appreciate and love you.”

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