I should be careful

My friends are always so surprised when they come over to my house and find it nice and warm. They just assume that, since my house was built over two centuries ago that it will be horribly drafty and freezing, but actually it’s quite the opposite. Newer houses just aren’t made like they used to be, at least where I currently live. What shocks them even more is when I tell them I don’t use a furnace for forced hot air or a boiler with a lot of pipes and radiators. My house is still warmed the same way it always has been – a wood stove. When you have a great wood stove, a furnace just isn’t necessary at all. My wood stove is actually larger than a lot of models out there because it was made to heat up the entire home. The wood stove, unlike a fireplace, doesn’t need to have a constant eye on it or to always be properly maintained. The stove has a very unique setting where you can close the flue to ensure the flames last longer. I use this method when I am headed off to bed, or when I have a lot of people over and don’t want to break away from the fun to fuel the stove. I don’t need to worry about my electric bills in the winter because I don’t use gas or electricity, just wood. I buy a cord of wood and store the rest so that I am warm all winter long without spending a lot of money.

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