Heading back to my home

When my wife and me got to set up our Heating and Air Conditioning installation, we were certainly looking forward to it, we went over all the options with the HVAC serviceman, however i remember thinking how crazy it was with all the options, even though I think that is a great thing. It just blows me away with all the advancements in HVAC program technology, however the fact that you can now days entirely heat and cool your home from the Earth itself in a natural way is very amazing to me. Well, of course my wife was obsessed with the radiant radiant floors; She was telling me that some of our friends recently upgraded to radiant heated floors and the last time she visited them, she couldn’t believe how comfortable they were! I was a little bit on the fence about the cost to get these radiant heated floors, but you know what they say, delighted wife delighted life right? So both of us just went ahead with the installation which took a few weeks. I didn’t realize how much work was involved with ripping the floors up as well as installing the piping that in turn links to the boiler system. When everything was all said and done though, we certainly loved our modern gas furnace. The first shower I took with the radiant floors was fabulous. I mean I was used to feeling that ice-freezing cold flooring after a piping hot shower, but those tiles were nice as well as toasty! Even though I mainly went this route because I knew my wife loved the sound of radiant floors, this is perfect for the two of us!

HVAC system 

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