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Something that I never easily thought about much was having my ductwork cleaned out. I never had the ductwork cleaned and I didn’t even know that was a maintenance they could perform at an HVAC dealer. I decided to schedule an official ductwork cleaning with my HVAC business, but when they came to do the ductwork, they had the craziest looking vacuum tools. I guess they were designed for that exact purpose to carefully clean out the ductwork. I thought it was cool that they provided me with info and before as well as after pictures of the cleaning. I was totally shocked at how dirty the ductwork was before I had it cleaned respectfully. The Heating, Ventilation and A/C specialist suggested that I have this done every other month to keep the Heating, Ventilation and A/C running as efficiently as possible. They said that would in turn allow for the energy costs to be lower on my bills. I knew that anywhere I could save money would be a great thing, after I had my HVAC running for awhile after the ductwork was cleaned, I realized they were actually right about the savings; My energy costs absolutely lowered by a great amount since my ductwork was cleaned. I could actually tell that the Heating, Ventilation and A/C system was running a lot more smoothly as well as I even noticed the air quality was improved quite a bit. I actually will be getting my ductwork cleaned correctly from now on, it is well worth it.

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