The a/c units

After my wife and I got divorced I was thinking that everything was going to be great! I realized I had to suddenly get a home of our own as she wasn’t going to be parting ways with the lake house. I had to get a really cheap place and the locale I found didn’t even have a correct cooling system. I was in a rush to get somewhere to live and couldn’t really be all that picky. Then the main things were that the locale had to be within a short drive from my day job and that there had to be some nice food locales nearby. While I had those things alright but it really frustrated myself and others that there was no cooling system. There was a gas furnace sure, but the thing looked totally antiquated to me. The locale was really cheap though so I figured I couldn’t really complain. There really wasn’t much that I could do, since the divorce drained me of most of our money. I decided to go out and pick up one of those window A/C units. The window A/C component worked surprisingly nice in that small apartment. I think it was because there was a small space to cool down. It was so much better than letting a breeze flow through the place. The only lousy thing was it made it so I could no longer look out the window. I think I was better off though because there wasn’t much to look at outside the window. The building was so rundown, I was entirely certain I could witness a murder if I was looking long enough. As soon as I get back myself back on my feet, I’ll start looking for someplace nicer.

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