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Something that I had to learn the hard way was changing the air conditioning filter too late, and I figured mine could very last the whole entire Summer season without any problems, then well, I was fully wrong because near the end of the hot summer season, our system unquestionably failed. I came to find from the Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman that came over for repairs, that our plan failed… She said it was undoubtedly because I failed to change the air conditioning filter! She said the filter was so clogged up, that it was evident it was the culprit behind the failed A/C system. She said that I was lucky because it could have been worse. She instructed myself and family to instantly change out the air conditioning filter before I turned the A/C back on. She also advised the HEPA filters because they worked a whole lot better than the cheap filters. They would improve the air quality in our place plus keep our system a whole lot cleaner also. She also let myself and family know that it wouldn’t hurt to get our ductwork cleaned too. I guess she knew that if I failed to change our air conditioning filter, it also made sense that I very never bothered to have the ductwork cleaned either. If she was thinking that, she was undoubtedly right because I’m sure that I have never had the ductwork cleaned for as long as I’ve lived in this home.

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