Children and air quality

When my two boys and I moved into this old apartment, I figured it would be temporary until every one of us were able to afford something nicer. Then my kids were young plus a little bit reckless. The place had this open gas furnace in the bedroom area, and I told the boys not to mess with it plus to stay away from it. Yet whenever I wasn’t watching, they went to that gas furnace plus shove all kinds of toys, food, even trash into the gas furnace. When I noticed this bad plastic burning odor I shut the gas furnace off. I had to get into the gas furnace plus scrape out all the junk plus plastic. I yelled at the boys plus told them no toys for a whole week for what they did. Though they were a little aggravated but they didn’t seem to fully understand the severity of them stuffing things into the gas furnace. A month after, I discovered that they did this again plus I found myself having to wash the gas furnace out once again. There was a little bit of a plastic burning odor that bothered me others a lot, which I couldn’t get rid of. This had me concerned the air quality was compromised; it seemed that I had a troublesome headache all of the time. The boys got grounded for a week because they didn’t listen. I do not like to have to do that, but that seemed to make them more repentant about what they did. They didn’t mess with the gas furnace anymore thankfully. I asked the property owner about the issue with the air quality plus she had a Heating plus Air Conditioning worker come over. The woman used special cleaning supplies to wash out the ancient gas furnace, and she was able to get it washed as a whistle plus the air quality was happily improved!

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