Where is the campsite cooling

My partner and I go to see our kid graduate from boot camp over the weekend! He’s been in basic training for the Air Force for the past 6 weeks, as well as it’s been pretty taxing for him. Though I also hated having him be gone for 3 whole weeks, especially when I couldn’t call as well as talk to him whenever I wanted. I swear, that made the whole thing even harder for me!  I guess it was rough on all of us! But my partner and I were super proud when both of us got to see him graduate yesterday as well as then we got to spend the morning with him, then he told us about all of the obstacles that he had to overcome throughout the whole boot camp process. And then he mentioned how the high temperatures over the summertime at boot camp had been the worst of it all sometimes. I guess they don’t use a/c in most of the buildings on base, because they are trying to toughen the guys up. My kid said that if anyone complained about the lack of air conditioning system, they were told that there’s no a/c in the desert as well as since you might get stationed in the desert someday, you might as well get used to the heat! I thought that it was unusual that there wasn’t even any a/c in their bunk rooms, especially since it was summertime as well as the temperature was so high. Our kid said that the only time you could escape the heat as well as high temperatures was meal time in the mess hall. He said that the mess hall was always chilly as well as the a/c in there seemed like it ran constantly.

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