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Being a geometry teacher is arguably one of the hardest professions anyone could pursue. When I was in high school, the math teachers were always irritable plus crabby. Since high schoolers were always a rowdy bunch, I thought it was just something that came with trying to teach them. Now that my fiance has become a high school geometry teacher, I can clearly see why these folks become so frustrated! I’d be annoyed too if I had to be responsible for teaching children how to solve theorems and proofs. Though I must admit that I’m reaping some benefits from my fiance  being a math teacher. For example, my fiance and I recently dealt with our outdoor air conditioner unit. Since my fiance and I weren’t maintaining a sizable open section for the unit to circulate air, it totally died. When she and I were shopping for a current outdoor air conditioner unit, the people I was with, the professionals at various hardware stores informed my fiance and I that we needed to select a model based on the square footage of our beach house. I’m delighted they told us this, because I was ready to buy a 5-ton air conditioner unit! Anyway, my fiance  and I didn’t know what the square footage of our beach house was. My ever-clever fiance grabbed a tape measure plus some painter’s tape, plus used the painter’s tape to create rectangular sections of our beach house. She then calculated the surface section of each section, added them together, plus boom! She calculated the exact square footage. That number told us we wanted a 2-ton air conditioning unit. I was so amazed by her brilliance. Without her, we would have wasted a ton of cash on a 5-ton air conditioner unit. Plus we’d hear the air conditioning clicking on plus off all through the day plus night.

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