The train indoor air conditions

If you’ve never known the delight of taking public transportation to get where you need to go, prepare yourself – you’re in for a ride you won’t soon forget! With the exception of a handful of cities in our lovely country, most public transportation systems involve huddling into a cramped, aromay bus or subway train, and trying to endure the stench and sweat as you wait patiently to arrive at your stop. If you’re not one for closed spaces, there’s the taxi – as long as you’re willing to spend more money per fare than it would cost you in gas per week! It’s crazy to me that people will spend so much money on a cab fare, but a few rides on a aromay bus will convince you that the cost is well worth it. For me, I’ve only known one public transportation  that actually provided a comfortable, safe experience. That was blissful, as I lived about many miles outside of the city and could walk to work – from the train station, that is. The train from my small village to the large city was always clean, never crowded and always had excellent A/C! The heating in the Winter was also excellent. I found out as I rode the trains that each rail car had a miniature air purification system running, which improved the indoor air conditions of each rail car dramatically. Those media air purification systems helped to not only contain the smells of less hygienic riders, but also kept any unwanted cigarette smoke out of the car, too. I’ve rode in private cars with excellent heating and A/C, but nothing compared to the comfort, convenience and cost effectiveness of that public train.

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