An ideal heating element

I am typically quite cheerful at this time of year. I live in the south, and for most the year, it is rather how outside.  At this time of year, for a brief period of time, we enjoy some colder weather. I look forward to the milder weather every year.  It provides a nice break from the oppressive humidity we endure throughout the rest of the year. Plus, I can turn off the air conditioner for a little while.  I appreciate the reduction in the monthly cooling costs. The utility bill is far less costly when the cooler weather finally arrives. The cooler weather means I can finally wear a jacket and boots.  It’s a nice change from shorts and flip flops. We don’t exactly have freezing weather for Christmas. The photos of Santa in a swimsuit under a palm tree aren’t traditional but are common in the south. Every house I have lived in has featured a fireplace. The colder weather allows me to pile up some wood  and have a fire for Christmas. Also, the fireplace acts as a heater. Sometimes, I just use the fireplace and don’t bother with turning on the furnace at all. That is not something I could ever do up north. Here in the south, it’s no problem. Now and then, we get a year where it is quite cool, and we need the  gas furnace. I enjoy lighting up the fireplace, so it feels like winter! We never have a white Christmas, but we now and then run the heater.

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