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In primitive times, man made fire to stay warm in caves, but a means of cooling themselves took longer to invent. It is curious that a means of warmth was invented so early, but it took so long to come up with some form of interior cooling. People tried various tricks for cooling, even in ancient times, though. In Ancient Egypt, water flowed from a basin on the roof onto reeds  suspended on windows. As a result, the air that blew through the reeds would cool the interior of the building, and introduced moisture into the air, which was a good thing in the inhospitably dry desert. In Rome, emperors sent off slaves up the mountain to gather snow, which was strategically placed near windows and doorways so that a breeze would blow through the snow and cool a building’s interior. A great deal of time later, the House of Commons in England used  a peculiar ice machine of sorts. The machine made use of chemically made ice, with someone whose job it was to crank a seven-foot “blowing wheel”. The title of the man who did the turning was “ventilator”. About a hundred years after that, a true ice-making machine was introduced in the US, which laid low all other cooling inventions before it. However, companies that made a living transporting and storing ice tried their best to prevent the machine from entering the market. This attempt was ultimately unsuccessful. As we have seen, quite often, no one can stop progress. We have all of these inventors to thank, because they paved the way for each pioneer that came after them, until eventually we had air conditioning!

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