AC and sports

Long ago, I was on a travel fastpitch softball team, with the hopes of one day performing in the Olympics.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, but it was some of the best times of my younger life. I will tell you, however, there were rough days where it was so hot and muggy all you wanted was to sit in the cool air conditioning and get some relief. However, this is hard when you are boxed into a weekend tournament and must play multiple games a day.  If you are not precautious while off the field and between games to drink a lot of water and cool down in the air conditioning, you can hurt yourself, and may get heat stroke! When you play these kinds of tournaments you want to remain in the air conditioning as soon and as long as your coach will allow. Luckily, my Aunt & Uncle owned a conversion van which helped a lot!  It had a TV (with a VCR), 4 huge fancy chairs and a bench way in the back the converted into a bed when needed. Each one of the chairs had its own HVAC vent, the bench in the back also had HVAC vents on both sides, and there were HVAC vents across the top blowing conditioned air down on us. You should’ve seen how many girls would sit in that van to try and catch some relieving air conditioning. There’s not many other options when you’re in a blazing hot baseball stadium full of fields and a non-HVACed concession stand.  So, we cooled off in that trusty van to stay safe and strong for the next game.

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