The savings with hydronic heating

It has taken me nearly five years of steady, consistent saving, but my partner and I have now saved up enough hard earned money to purchase something special that we have been desiring for many years now. Saving the funds hasn’t been easy to say the very least. It is tough to deny yourself certain expensive things when you are saving money. We now have enough to purchase radiant heated floors. We each grew up in a home that was equipped with radiant heated floors when we lived with our parents as children, and we wanted them back as adults. We both had fond memories of curling up on the floor and watching movies with our families or drifting off to sleep. We also cannot wait to start saving all of the money we will inevitably save with said radiant flooring. It’s going to be a whole lot! The old piece of junk that we call our heating system is on its last legs, and is costing us a fortunet. In fact, it costs us almost half as much as our rent and still does a poor job of heating! With all of the money that we will be saving, we can start putting it away towards something far more useful, like the finances we will eventually need to raise a kid. The radiant floors will be installed soon, and the date has us really excited. I know that our new means of heating our home will change our lives for the better, and help keep us much cozier during these long and cold winters.

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