A great smart HVAC control

It is taking me longer than it should to get with the times technologically. I will admit, I have an affinity for older technology. I insisted on keeping a cd player for way too long. I held onto my flip phone for too long as well. I even used a dial-up internet connection when I had access to high-speed. Now I use my smartphone and it does so many things for me all at once. I figured that I might as well update my thermostat. This new thermostat hooks to my smartphone as well. The smart thermostat takes advantage of wifi in order to work. From my phone I easily adjust how much heating and air conditioning I want. My smart thermostat tells me so many things about my HVAC system, including humidity levels, air filter changes, and if the temperature is saving me money. The smart thermostat makes my old dial one look like a fossil.  I really do enjoy the ability to control it anywhere and that the thermostat has the ability to set up a schedule all by itself, based on the patterns that I exhibit. First, having the capability of turning on and off the climate control system from work is great. When I return from work, I already have the perfect temperature set. If I go on vacation, I can always monitor my HVAC unit from the hotel room. The smart thermostat’s ability to learn my habits is very useful. The thermostat has gotten to the point where it seems to know what temperature I want at any given moment. It would almost be creepy to me, were it not so useful. Technology can make my head spin sometimes, but in the case of the smart thermostat, it is so useful that I will never be going back to an old dial thermostat.

wifi thermostat

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