Heating equipment for a work out

If you are into exercise, I would recommend that you do not waste your time with hot yoga. First of all, any form of yoga doesn’t count as a workout in my opinion. You stretch and hold poses and literally do nothing else. To burn calories, you need to be doing far more movement, after all. Where is the cardio? Where are you targeting different parts of the body to strengthen them? I always have felt yoga is a weak excuse for exercise. Hot yoga is for people who want to brag about taking measures to stay fit. A good exercise iss all about getting that blood pumping and that sweat coming off your brow. Hot yoga does not accomplish any of this in the same way. What on Earth good does it do you to simply crank up a thermostat until you sweat? That is totally a cop out, truth be told. Anyone can stand in front of a heater and eventually begin to sweat. Doing it while stretching is not accomplishing much at all. I also can’t get around the idea that people will pay for something like this in a class. What a waste of money! Do these hot yoga people not own a heating system. Why can they not go home and use their current heater device? They can watch a video with all the stretches and poses they wish to know. Sweat  buckets in the comfort of your living room to save a buck. You can even go right into the shower afterwards. You just saved yourself the money for the class and the gas to drive there. Honestly though, all hot yoga people should take the time to check out some real exercise. Quit using the heating equipment to pretend that you are doing a work out. Actually work hard for that sweat and reap the benefits.

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