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20 years ago, radon was distinguished to easily be a cancer-causing agent to the human race. 20 years ago, the agency that distinguished radon to be cancer-causing, also said that radon was easily the biggest problem for lung cancer. These facts don’t seem to be exactly correct, after my friends in addition to myself have easily performed several hours of exhaustive research on our own. It easily seems like the system doesn’t understand what they are saying in addition to it might be a scare tactic. Many of my friends in addition to myself are smokers as well as we know there are a great deal of risks associated with introducing smoke into our lungs. When this agency tried to easily tell folks that radon was even worse than inhaling that smoke, we easily decided to research around our place. We found contradicting studies that gave a lot of varied results. I still don’t understand what facts are real and what facts are ready for elimination. My friends as well as myself won’t likely listen to these agency standards any longer. It’s legitimately sad how they have tried to scare the American people into paying for expensive radon mitigation. Although some homes need radon mitigation because of the area, radon gases are not as harmful as this agency would have scared people to believe. Radon levels are detected all over the world, in addition to the fact that they are only dangerous in high levels. These concentrations can easily detected if you have a radon mitigation plan.

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