Strategies for HVAC growth

Owning a family company is amazing at times.  Our small town Heating and AC dealership has been in the family for more than two generations and is still going very well.  This is because the two of us actually value our clients and treat them love family too. Having customer loyalty is fantastic and multiple of our clients now are the children of our original ones. With that being said, there does seem to be a drifting, of sorts, by the twenty something crowd. Most of them seem to be looking for the best deal instead of worrying about staying with the same old supplier. Unfortunately, whenever you happen to lose them as a customer, it is nearly impossible to bring them back.  For this reason our grandson wanted to create an online advertising campaign to boost our business. He said that by dedicating some of our advertising budget to online advertisement and remaking our webpage, the two of us could attract a whole new group of clients. Both of us distraught at first about the investment because the two of us couldn’t think of how people would see the ads. He finally convinced us to give it a 6 week trial and began actually working with a search engine optimization supplier to bring in new business, and within several weeks of the launch the two of us got around five calls for maintenance that the two of us never would have gotten. Both of us began advertising the webpage on all of our flyers and offering incentives love referral dollars.  That six weeks was a single to the best investments that the two of us could have made. Both of us never could have imagined that online advertising could have made such a drastic difference. The younger families actually do rely on the internet to find just about anything and the two of us now allocate advertising dollars to that campaign every time.

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