Want the HVAC business to boom

After four  long years in university I was ready to jump right into the workforce.  I studied care about absurd & barely took any time for myself. Computer math can be a mind boggling profession & it can be strenuous to find the right work in the field too.  After applying to what must have been thirty companies, I finally got a decent job at a totally unexpected business. A new Heating & Air Conditioning dealer had moved into the place & they were looking for someone to do some advertising for them.  It was on a contract job however I thought if I did a relaxing enough work, I could at least get referrals out of it. I had no actual work experience so it would give me time to get some experience. The work turned out to be just what I needed. I have worked for them for over a year now & the website that I designed & maintain has caused their company to take off.  We then started by targeting social media with ads that linked the person to the website & gave them deals on repair calls. I then linked all of those ads to several Heating & Air Conditioning manufacture sites to entice people to purchase new units with innovative technology. Those companies provided a kickback to the dealer I worked for each time the link led to a few sales.  It was care about paying for advertising that all of us didn’t really “pay” for, if that makes sense. The online presence was super large & it has made me believe proud of the work I have done. My boss is more than delighted with my work & said that if I get another offer from a different dealer he will match whatever they want to pay me each month.

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