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A neighbor of mine used to argue with her mom all the time, especially if she was asked to help clean the house. Her dining room looked akin to Tornado Alley, and her daughter was the same way. You couldn’t walk in her dining room at all! Usually, you just passed out from the odor of her gym clothes as well as dirty socks. I still remember how I had to laugh once, my own sister’s room was like that when she was a kid. Their Dad sure didn’t think it was very funny, though. She kept telling our neighbor that someday, she’d understand how hard it is to have a clean house. Yeah right! Once all of us moved on and out of town, I lost track of our neighbors. You can only imagine how shocked I was when I got a card in the mail, only to find that five years after all of us graduated, she had started her own cleaning service! I laughed out loud before I called her, and told her I knew how much she hated to clean. She said that now, she could hire someone to clean for her! Making money on people who hate cleaning is the core of her business model. That made more sense than I realized! She never lifted a finger to clean her own house, or someone else’s. Now, she had this entire team of people working for her, and they could sweep through an entire house in twenty-four minutes! She guaranteed their cleaning services, stating “no corner would be missed”. She finally found herself with such a successful cleaning service business, she soon had several areas covered in the state! Everyone was calling for her cleaning services. The best part was that she had her business bonded, and people loved to hear that she was standing behind her word: Nothing would go missing or broken!

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