Bus and janitor service fight

For years, I worked as a bus driver in the city. Before quitting that job, I was also working as a liaison between the college board as well as the bus drivers, which was a pretty prestigious job on its own. Our local union for bus drivers soon grew to include secretaries as well as the janitors! When the college board thought they were going to save money by hiring a janitorial service to take over the cleaning in the college, all of us began the long, angry fight with the school board! A complete package was drawn up to show what all the college janitors did, as well as what it cost them to keep the janitors in wages, work done, as well as the cost of equipment. This plan included overtime too, and the lease of new units for the college over the next several years.  Every one of us then did a work up, per each janitorial service that put in bids against us, to show the several year cost of acquiring them! This took a lot of work that was beyond much of my coworkers, but all of us were looking at saving the jobs of our janitorial staff. Every one of us were able to prove that by keeping our janitorial staff, compared to hiring a janitorial cleaning service that doesn’t know the school at all, the college would be saving over six figures in five years! Isn’t that nuts? Instead of having unusual janitors coming into the college, they would also retain a janitorial staff that had been with them for numerous years, and was happy to work for them! The janitorial staff was also trusted and members of the college district who had helped to vote the School Board into their prospective positions. Because we had the information laid out in front of them, they could not dispute our facts – they allowed our janitors to stay at their position!

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