Septic tank issues

I have a job in a video store that is a total disaster zone. I don’t get how the crew of us pass health codes. The whole video shop is covered in a layer of filth. The floors, movies, and Heating and Air Conditioning all have a thick layer of black debris on it. I am wondering if the dust and grime is the reason for the clogged drain in the utility closet. At the start of it, I thought a drain in a utility closet was a different look. According to what I read on the web though, this makes a lot of sense. With the Heating and Air Conditioning and plumbing near the location, a lot of water flows nearby. A drain is a genuinely a good idea to stop water from leaking further into the video shop. Well, that is what is going on now. There is about 2 feet of sitting water in the utility closet. The water is icky, smelly and leaking all over the place. The drainage in that room started out as awful, now it has escalated to not allowing it to drain and the crew of us may have a potential flooding issue on our plate. I have tried to talk to the owner of the video store to call in a plumbing dealer. I think a plumber had to come in and perform some big time drain cleaning. I am sure that the gunk, debris and dirt around the store has blocked that drain. The plumber really has an industrial sized plunger he can use to take care of this.

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