NATE is the best of the best

My loving significant other plus I started a small air conditioning repair business. The two of us hung out our shingle a year after the two of us were married. At first, I was the only employee. I had some company friends who gave me plenty of HVAC work to keep busy. I was making enough money to remain in business, but I wasn’t getting rich. I wasn’t even saving much money as a matter of fact. The first several years our air conditioning repair company was open, the two of us just scraped by. Thank goodness my loving significant other has a good task, because she kept us eating and a roof over our heads through the first 5 years. I worked on a few big undefined installation projects, but most tasks were simple repairs or tune-ups. I had to labor seven days a week just to make enough money to cover the company expenses, but during those first years, I studied for many different Heating plus A/C certification tests. During those first early years, I  acquired our Nate certification. It took a long time to learn all of the stuff I needed to know, but the Nate certification has helped increase business. A lot of commercial contractors won’t use a Heating plus A/C dealer unless they have a NATE certified serviceman. Once I could advertise our NATE certification, I had a huge influx in commercial contract work flowing in. I had to hire multiple additional Heating plus A/C serviceman while the two of us were getting more work. After that, I spent the next several years building our Heating plus A/C empire. My kids are quite young now, plus I don’t have to work every day anymore. It’s been great, because my loving significant other plus I both labor section time. The two of us have so much time to dedicate to our kids.

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