Drains and toilets

There is nothing more horrible than having a toilet repair while you are ill! Last Summer I got entirely ill. Things were coming out of both ends fast. What was great was that I had planned an outing with my new boyfriend Jeremy & his parents. I had a film all picked out & pre ordered the seats. Rather than lose it on the cost, they all went to the film without me. I was so cheerful my new boyfriend Jeremy was not around to see me run back & forth to the toilet. What was more gross was that the toilet decided to not flush for me every single time. One in every few times, the toilet would entirely not flush. Most of the time, the water would barely move in the bowl like it was trying to. What was I meant to do? I couldn’t not hurl or use the bathroom. The waste kept getting more & more. I entirely concerned about the gunk flowing over the toilet bowl. I tried using the plunger, but that only worked a small amount. I knew the plumbing issue was not a blockage concern, but a toilet drainage concern. I am not a plumber in any shape or form. I also was entirely ill. I tried doing the toilet service & had no success. I lifted the top of the toilet from the toilet & only saw a flapper with a chain attached to it. What do I do with this? Make it shorter or not? I finally waited until I could get the toilet to go down, cleaned it & drove to my brother’s place.

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