Problems with the hard water

4 years ago, my husband Brian & I moved out of our cramped little house in the village & obtained a house in the woods.  Brian and I were blissful to purchase an older house with hardwood floors, big time windows, & an important front porch. Brian and I were happy by the wide open space with a pond & oak trees in our backyard.  Although Brian and I were informed that the house didn’t have a town water supply, the two of us didn’t know much about it. Once the two of us moved in, Brian and I hastily realized the cons of having a water well on our property.  While Brian and I no longer pay a yearly water bill, Brian and I have difficult water. The water is so horribly difficult that it has a honestly unpleasant smell. The water is overrun with debris such as lime, rust & calcium, & it ruins everything it comes into contact with.  While a water heating system should last around 29 years, our rarely survives for 10 years. The abundance of debris corrodes the tank, causing it to rupture, & resulting in a flooded basement. Brian and I then have no hot water until the two of us substitute the water tank. A current hot water tank is a few hundred dollars.  I’m unable to have a dishwasher due to the hard water. The dishes come out spotted, gross & looking downright icky. All of our white linens & clothing are stained an ugly shade of grey. I am forced to clean up the sinks, tubs & showers with dire toxins.

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