Water heater is totally rusted

Last cold season time was especially horrible, freezing & terrible.  The temperature often dropped well below 0, & I worried about my hot water pipes getting cold.  It seemed to snow regularly, & the crew of us accumulated drifts over numerous feet high. When the summer arrived, the temperature shot up into the mid 90s quite hastily.  At the same moment, the two of us got hit with severe windstorms. High water and wind knocked down whole trees, branches & power lines. My entire town was completely without power for nearly 7 days.  Between the torrential downpour & snow melting there was part wide flooding. I keep a sump pump running in my lowest level to handle excess groundwater. Sadly though, with no electrical power, the sump pump was not able to work.  My basement filled with multiple feet of gross water. The furnace, washing machine, dryer & water heating system are all set up in the basement. The furnace required big time repairs, while the washing unit & dryer were completely wrecked in the process.  Happily though, the water heating system was totally okay. However, the moisture caused a problem with mildew growth in the basement. The power outage also left us without any working water. The people I was with and I couldn’t clean ourselves, clean dishes, launder clothes or even flush the toilet.  The people I was with and I entirely gathered rainwater in buckets to manually flush the toilets. The people I was with and I bought bottled water for drinking & to clean up & brush our teeth.

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