Picking out a water heater

I seriously need a new hot water tank for our lake residence plus I am overwhelmed! Not only do I need to choose a model of hot water tank although I need to find a plumbing company that will be able to install it… First, I decided to locate the right plumbing contractor for the job. I soon noticed that every plumber’s website was different. Did I want on time service or friendly service? Did I want the plumbers to clean up after the job or show up on time? Each place said something totally different so I did not truly know what was best. I also was checking out various reviews on the plumbing websites plus I felt they were all fake for the most part. Why are there no disappointing reviews with any of the plumbing providers? I am thinking that it is most people’s mom plus best friends reviewing their actual business. I don’t know a lot about ratings or certifications in the plumbing industry either. So when they put various facts on their website, it doesn’t mean a whole lot to me. I picked a plumbing company though. I liked the impressive information on their page plus when I reached out to them, the people were really nice. I am now in the procedure of picking out a new hot water tank. I don’t know very much about water tanks though. I don’t really know if I should get a tankless water heater or not. I couldn’t tell you the first thing about the size or the brand either. I literally just have to trust that the plumber will have everything covered. The hot water tank can range from $300 to almost $3,000 in a residence. I don’t really know for sure if a higher price is actually better.

water heater set up

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