Better air conditions for those kids

Sometimes, it can be a real challenge to handle two young toddlers when your significant other is out of town! Since my sweet wife wife works for a car dealer that often sends her to major conferences around the country, I’m usually at our beach house taking care of the children. And she’s out bringing home the bacon! But it’s really not quite as bad as you think! I love being at our beach house with our son and daughter, where the A/C system always blows cool, comfortable air to help keep me calm and quiet. But even the therapeutic treatment provided by our great HVAC system isn’t enough to keep me from having a tantrum of my own sometimes. And then just the other day, my son decided to trick my daughter into putting some green play-doh into the ventilation registers built into the floor of our kitchen. I had no clue they had done this until I realized that the air quality in our kitchen was taking a nosedive. But it was incredibly warm and stuffy in the kitchen, even though our temperature control component said the temperature setting was a cool 71 degrees! I was confused, to say the least. I didn’t even realize what the little stinkers had done until I began to smell a distinct smell in our kitchen. And it smelled like clay! And so that’s when I looked down, and I saw the green clay mashed into the ventilation register! Once I had the ventilation register cover pulled out of place, I spent thirty whole minutes furiously scrubbing the clay off of the ventilation register inside. And so I promptly yelled for our children to come and see me right then and there, and I made it clear that they are not allowed to mess with the cooling system. And I told them that the ventilation plan was no exception!

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