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Last summer, I personally discovered a legitimately large bee nest in my backyard.  While I realize now that the population of honey bees are in trouble, they were both a danger plus a major nuisance so close to my home.  My partner is severely allergic, plus I was sad about him possibly getting stung. Being in close proximity to the nest is a risk for anyone, however for my dear partner, a few stings can lead to a trip to the Emergency Room.  Honey bees genuinely do tend to have 1 of the most painful stings of all the bee species, plus tend to get aggressive in very warm weather. They’re also legitimately protective of their nests, plus weren’t happy about myself and others out there mowing the sod, pulling weeds or trimming shrubs.  The 1 day, I genuinely got abruptly chased by a bee until I finally ducked inside the house. Hoping to get rid of the dang bees on my own, I researched numerous methods. One way to remove bees is with a concentrated vinegar spray. I mixed equal parts vinegar plus water, sited the mix into a spray bottle, plus fully saturated the nest, i made sure to wear long pants, gloves, long-sleeve shirt plus came out and even put a thin scarf over my face.  I attacked the nest at night, while the bees were quite dormant. Although lots of people claim to have good success with the vinegar spray methods, my honey bees were simply aggravated by it. I then tried making a Tim Hortons Cappuccino bottle eventually to trap to kill the bees. I chop a 2 liter Tim Hortons Cappuccino bottle that day in half plus filled the bottom half with soda. I sited the trap as close to the nest as I dared, just hoping the sweet smell would attract the bees.  I only left the trap in locale for about twenty or thirty minutes. Watching the bees flailing around in the Tim Hortons Cappuccino was legitimately quite awful. I finally provided in plus spent the money to hire a professional to remove all of the rest. The beekeeper had the regular gear plus tools to safely handle the bees. She professionally was able to relocate the nest without killing them.

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